Recently I am traveling for a cheap pension.

If you have a place you want to travel now, browse the bookstore with Chil...

If you have a place you want to travel now, browse the bookstore with Chilla and if there is a book that might be helpful, buy a book and look for information on the area you want to visit every corner. As a way to obtain it outside, there are blogs of people who live in the sightseeing spots, when searching on the Internet, it is quite helpful because there are abundant sightseeing information as well. If there is something I'd like to ask the manager of the blog directly, I think that blogging is also a good thing to let me comment. Karuizawa, who just caught him by chance even near my parents' house, is also appreciative of being able to obtain such things I did not know with such information on blogs and the net as well. Karuizawa had a huge mall like America, so there were few tourists in the winter, but now seems to have the ability to attract customers. In addition, it may be convenient to say that you can go to the Shinkansen in about an hour from within Tokyo. When I go to Karuizawa, I will definitely take a walk along the former Ginza street. There are shops that sell a variety of shops, delicious mocha soft cream, but just walking around makes fun things. Soon there is a place where Mt. Asama stands rising.

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