Recently I am traveling for a cheap pension.

The best sources of information for planning domestic traveling are travel...

The best sources of information for planning domestic traveling are travel agencies, travel magazines, the Internet, and so on, but I usually do 3 surveys. First, after picking up where I want to go, I decide the destination of my favorite from ""traveling magazine"" and purchase it. And while watching the feature articles, I like to check the points based on the map. Then we will move on to the Internet and gather information on sightseeing spots of the land. At this time, it is the homepage of the municipal office of the land and the office place that I check well. Recently, with the idea of ??town development, administration is quite good, I introduce sightseeing areas and events and festivals unique to the land. Since it is administrative, not only a tourist company with a strong capital but also minor projects from long ago have come out from the land, and many services with low price are also introduced. This is quite a recommendation. In that way, once you decide where you want to go and sightseeing spots, we will actually plan a schedule. Since I want to enjoy seasonal events as much as possible, I will incorporate them with priority. I have a lot of sources of information, but if I make it to only one, when I went to the place, did that happen? Because there are times when I regret it, it is good to check 2-3 kinds.

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