I absolutely love being able to pass on messages from the other side. There is nothing better than hearing from our loved ones who have passed, or connecting with spirit for guidance.

My Readings are very much based around healing. They include past, present & future. I will cover what each individual needs help with in order to heal, along with validation and guidance for the future.

This will include;

  • Validation with things on your mind in different areas of your life. These can include relationships, work, moving, family and so on.

  • Identifying areas you need help with to release old patterns & mindset.

  • Dealing with past traumas so you can release, forgive & heal.

  • Being aware of where your road blocks are coming from so you can kick them to the curb.

  • Stepping into your power - taking accountability and looking into things with a deeper perspective and understanding.

  • Understanding what your triggers are and the meaning behind them - the lessons.

If you are wanting to connect with someone who has passed then I generally do this at the end of the reading unless they have other plans!

Connect, listen, laugh, cry & enjoy. Readings are a great way to gain insight, validation, healing and connect with those who have passed.

Energy is everywhere, hence the reason you don't have to sit with me in person for the Reading to happen.  I do Readings worldwide via the phone/computer using Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger or in person in Bali by appointment only.

Readings - 1 Million Rupiah (approx $100 AUS) - allow UP TO 2 hours.


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