Grabbing Opportunities By The Balls & Letting Go Of Fear

So many crazy changes happening at the moment for everyone, including myself. In these moments we can feel so vulnerable, scared and like our lives are falling apart. This is totally normal for many people to feel like this so don’t feel alone. Work on your triggers and all the stuff that you push down that is rearing it’s ugly head. Quitting jobs, changing careers, relationships ending and new ones beginning – so many of us are waking up and really feeling the brunt of all that shit we held down and procrastinated on for so long.

I’ve cried many tears in this last week for many different reasons. I’ve felt pain on levels that I haven’t felt in a while. I didn’t use all the tools and do what I preach in the way I should of, and man it bit me on the arse big time!

So today I quit my job. My job that was holding me back from doing what I love to do. I pushed aside my passion because the fear of money got in the way. Money is the cock blocker of your dream fyi. If we base what we do around money it is never going to work out how we want. If we let go of the fear then big shifts happen and they happen quickly. I loved my side job, it had some great moments, but it also dragged me down quite a bit at times because when you don’t follow your hearts desire it has a profound affect on everything you do in life. It does for me anyway.

I woke up feeling so deflated with personal stuff going on in my life and I was thinking, how the fuck am I going to get out of this rut. One thing led to another so I quit my job, something had to give. You see some people will say, you are crazy to leave a job and lose that income, the security etc. In some circumstances yes. If you leave with having no back up and not being able to eat, then yes I would agree. However everyone is on their own journey and for me, when I don’t stay true to myself, my life turns pretty hectic! So I dropped the fear and chose to grab life by the balls and get back on track again. Because we always have a choice, ALWAYS.

Being an empath is fucking hard enough as it is, try throwing in some self sabotage and it really stirs things up!! Follow your gut and your intuition - it’s there for a reason. Write down the pro’s and con’s on things. Friends, your job, your partner – what do you like about it/them and what do you not like. The not like list is usually a pretty good reflection of what you need to work on yourself. Many ah ha moments happen in these lists, give it a go.

Within three hours of me quitting my life took some serious positive changes and things have opened up that I had never thought would be available to me because of money and my own limiting beliefs. I’m still going through some emotional turmoil but I am giving myself some much needed time to work on me. The more you work on yourself, the more the obstacles in life will disappear and you can see much more clearly. If you keep yourself busy all the time, always going to the outside world trying to find peace, it will never happen, it may for a short time until the volcano erupts again and you are reminded to go within. Going within hurts, it’s hard but it’s where you need to go.

I had a lady who wanted a Reading today so I booked her in. Then another later in the day. What I absolutely love with Readings is that not only do I help people, they help me massively too. It has a huge affect on me personally on so many levels. I always walk away with such a sense of gratitude and fulfillment. It’s pretty fucking special and today was no different! I am learning so many amazing things about the mind, body and soul through every person I read. They are all teaching me something that is so powerful and helping to guide me on this journey, at the right time. Nothing is a coincidence, you meet certain people at the right times to learn, to love, to grow, to trigger, the list goes on.

So I will end it with saying that some really positive changes are happening for not only me but many others. Believe in yourself, trust yourself, love yourself, heal yourself and be brave. Lots of exciting things in the pipeline and now I finally have time to put all my focus into them. So amongst the pain I’m also a pretty happy camper. Work on you and the rest will follow xxx

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