Everyone Needs A Good Healer In Their Lives

Updated: Jul 10, 2019


Ok, so let me just say that everyone should have a great healer in their lives! I know they are not for everyone and sometimes you have to try more than one, as with any service available you don't always get the right fit straight up. 

I am so grateful that I went down the path of seeing healers to deal with 'my shit' many many years ago. And what a road it has been!

3 wonderful healers have made such a huge impact in my life, Angie, Aspa & Jacquie 

- so I want to share;

I will never forget my first experience with a wonderful lady called Angie, the first of many and we became great friends. I always felt so calm when I had my healing's with her. For me it was also confronting when I first started and not knowing what to expect. When I look back to when I first started and how far I have come today, it really blows my mind. Every experience is so different, and if you let go of the fear and do the work, you will move forward in leaps and bounds. 

Aspa is an amazing Shamanic Healer in Darwin who opened my eyes up to another world of healing. Such a kind and gentle soul who is not only an amazing healer but also a very gifted Spirit Artist. She painted me a piece for my home and I just love how it comes to life. 

The world of healing is quite magical really. It can really shake you to the core at times, but as I say to my clients often, "use the shitty stuff as your fertilizer to help you grow stronger". Everyone is one their own journey and deals with shit differently.

I tried a psychologist once, just to see what it would be like and it certainly wasn't for me! Each to their own - however, I just wanted to dig deeper, find out more about the mind, body & soul connections. 

Fast forward - I moved states, moved on and met new people and connections. I was passed on Jacquie's details from a lady I met and booked in for my first distance healing.  Jacquie has been my go to healer now for the last 2 1/2 years and what an amazing journey it has been. 

I am always referring my clients to get in touch with a healer. Not everyone is into it, however I can't not share when my experiences have been so powerful. Some sessions really knock me around but I am super grateful and know that big shifts have happend. We are all pretty good at keeping our shit in, pushing it down and trying to forget about it and move on. I was one of those people! I still am sometimes but it will always rear it's ugly head reminding me that I need to deal with it.  I see it often when I do Readings for clients, the deep seeded stuff coming up reminding them to deal with it. We can continue through life pushing this stuff down but by doing so we will miss out on so much. Self sabotage of many opportunities always happens when we do this to. Jobs, relationships etc. 

See, life is a journey and on this journey we have so many lessons. These lessons will keep slapping us in the face until we learn from them. Without learning we cannot grow to our full potential. There is no point complaining about what you're not happy with, you need to get off your arse and do the work needed to change it. At the end of the day, it's your life and we get where we are because of our choices. 

What healing does for me that nothing else does is it helps me to deal with all the crap I have pushed deep down. This can be quite confronting at times, especially when it shakes you to the core, but just remember through the shitty times comes so much growth. Dig deep - you won't regret it. 

Transformational Healing & Coaching is what Jacquie is all about.

https://web.facebook.com/jacschofield1960/ For more Info.

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