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Updated: Apr 10, 2019

I pass this information on to my clients after a Reading so I thought I would share it. 


It is important to ground yourself on a daily basis. If you are seeing clients in your business do this before and after so you keep yourself grounded. This is what I do;

Sit with your feet (no shoes) on the ground.

Imagine you have roots coming out of your feet and going deep into the ground. I keep going until I connect with a bright crystal. Once I connect to this crystal I bring the light all the way up into my feet and imagine it swirling around clearing my chakras all the way up my body and out through the top of my head into the sky.


Clearing your energy is very important. Especially before and after clients and also when dealing with negative people. You don’t want to take on board their stuff. This is what I do;

After my grounding. I call in Arc Angel Michael (he is the bouncer) I ask him to help me clear my energy of all energies that don’t belong to me. I imagine a waterfall at my side and I take the water down by body and up my back into the sky. The purpose of this is to wash away all the energies.


You must protect your energy at all times. Especially when dealing with negative people. This is what I do;

After my clearing I imagine a protective bubble around me filled with bright light. This bubble is protecting my energy. The purpose of this bubble is so that other’s negative energies will bounce off your bubble and back onto them so you don’t take it on. You can send this bubble to other’s also. I often send to my family and friends so they have their protection on.


Cord Cutting is important as in life we get many people’s energies attaching to ours and they are not always good. This can affect your mood, your choices and so much more. It can be very draining. I'm sure most of you are aware of 'energy vampires" We have enough of our own stuff, so taking on other's can get too much. So when you are feeling heavy or have dealt with someone draining, do all of the above. This is what I do when I include cord cutting;



After clearing I ask Arc Angel Michael to help me cut the cords of all energies attached to me. I sometimes make movements with my hands cutting through them with a knife, or do it in my head. Either way is fine. Cut the cords and send the energies on their way. Then put you bubble on.


A big misconception about meditation is that you have to quieten your mind. Which many people struggle with so they give up. This is not the case, this comes with time and the more you do it. Let your thoughts run wild, it’s ok. The more you do it the easier it becomes. I prefer to do mine at night when I am in bed. I put my headphones in and listen. If you fall asleep its not a problem as your subconscious mind is still listening.

Jump onto YouTube and find some. You won’t like them all so keep going until you find one that resonates with you. Some great ones to do are;

Cord Cutting

Twin Flame Connection

Healing – abuse, trauma, letting go

Inner Child


Writing in your journal is a great way to release the stuff we hold onto inside. Here are my tips;

I recommend that when you write, afterwards you screw it up or burn it. When you do this say to the universe that you are releasing what no longer serves your purpose going forward. In my opinion I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep the journal writings as there is no need to go back over it and read it again, this will take you back to the place, when what you want to do is move on.

Be honest, be brave, be raw. It’s only you that is going to read it. Get it all out. It doesn’t matter how silly you feel. Talk about everything and anything. The most powerful stuff comes from releasing everything that hurt you, pissed you off, your self-worth etc etc. Dig deep into the nitty gritty stuff. If you want to cry, do it, get it out. Healing is fucking hard, but so worth it. The longer you put it off only puts road blocks on all the good stuff waiting to come in.

Write yourself a To Do List. Put everything on it that you want to do and want to become. It doesn’t matter if you cant see yourself there now. Don’t let the fear of money or anything hold you back. If you do, you are only creating road blocks. Putting it out there, helps to bring it in. Believe it! 


Negative thoughts are like an addiction. Once you realise that healing never ends, the road becomes easier. We are always learning, healing and growing. So the sooner you realise this and keep working at it, the easier it becomes. I used to struggle with thousands of negative thoughts on a daily basis. As soon as you become aware, shut the door on them, deal with them and change them into a positive then each day they become less and less. They become so much less they they start to fade and not have an impact on your choices. Start with each one and look into why you are thinking it. Try and see the lesson, then change it around to a positive one and send it back out. If you continue to let the negative thoughts rule your mind, you are only going to attract negative situations into your life. Life is too short for that shit. If you need help, ask for it. 

Start putting this all into practice every day. Hold yourself accountable as you're the only one who can change your life. Your destiny is up to you. Use the shitty stuff as your fertilizer and grow!

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